Promoting the involvement of students in sports analytics


This year VanSASH is partnering with the Vancouver Whitecaps to provide soccer and business data to our participants.

Quantitative analysts play a key role in helping sporting organizations reach their highest potential. Many events within the field are currently geared towards industry members and the dissemination of information between these industry partners.

VanSASH 2018 creates an avenue for students to gain the proper knowledge and experience, and to help them transition into this growing industry. We aim to give participants the vision, ability and opportunity to improve their skills with data and analytics in sports.

Accepted participants are invited to attend the Vancouver Whitecaps game on September 23rd 2018 at a discounted rate.



Participants will compete in teams of 4. The structure of the data sets will be published early to allow teams to have time to understand the data sets. This structure will allow teams to produce a high quality product rather than creating something rushed in a 24 hour period. We are excited to partner with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. All intellectual property from the datathon will be property of the data providers. Industry mentors will be provided to help teams create an engaging and informative project. Teams may participate in only one stream. Participants will be expected to bring their own laptops to the event.

Soccer Analytics Hackathon: Using Ortec tagged events data about the Vancouver Whitecaps, teams will present data driven solutions to the given hackathon prompts. Participants can attend any of the tutorials being offered throughout the day.

Business Case Competition: Using data from the Vancouver Whitecaps Business Department, teams will present data driven solutions to the given case prompts. Participants can attend any of the tutorials being offered throughout the day.

Data Beginners: Participants will attend all tutorials to develop the baseline skills needed for data analysis. Teams will then be given a shorter period of time to complete the given problems.  Data Beginners will compete in their own stream of the Soccer Analytics Hackathon or Business Case Competition after the tutorials.

Applications are open. The first round of applications are being considered. Applications will now be accepted on a rolling basis as they come in.


Winners will be announced on the day of the event.  Additionally, we will have an in game announcement for the winners at the Vancouver Whitecaps game on Sunday September 23rd.

1ST PLACE - Soccer Analytics

  • To Be Announced

1st Place - Business Case

  • To Be Announced

1st Place - BEginners Soccer Analytics

  • To Be Announced

1st Place - Beginners Business Case

  • To Be Announced

Mentors & Judges

Do you have experience in the tech or business industry and want to share your skills with developing students? Become a mentor and/or judge today!

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